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Use and meanings of geometric symbols

Many forms can be used to help increase energy. High hovering energies are always healing, creative and spiritual.

Shapes give energy and strength. It is very effective to think of geometric symbols while in meditation mode. Imagine the patterns around your body. Physical exercises related to shapes are also very good.

Energy has many different forms that symbolize different things. Geometric symbols have been used for various purposes since the beginning of time - as signs, messages, and Shamans, they have been used them for healing and seeing.

Triangle - used for seeing into the spirit world and other dimensions.

The six-pointed star (Star of David) - can see deeper and farther.

The six-pointed star is a symbol of connection to other dimensions.

Pyramid - A pyramid-shaped crystal has four sides on a base, but the base itself may be squared off it the crystal is natural rather than artificially shaped. Naturally occurring pyramid-shaped crystals, such as Apophyllite, amplify and then tightly focus energy through the apex. Pyramids can also be used to draw off negative energies and blockages from the chakras, replenishing with vibrant energy. 

When the apex of the triangle is directed towards the sky, it has an uplifting effect. When the tip is pointed towards the ground, it has a grounding effect.

Arrow - consists of a regular equilateral triangle and an elongated triangle. Healing arrows can be thrown farther into the area where healing is needed.

The rectangular shape holds the energy in place. It limits, but can also cause solidification if it never changes, i.e. there is not enough energy flow in the meridians.

The square resembles a rectangular energy, but also symbolizes a wall. Its own wall needs to be seen through the triangle and possibly break the wall around it.

The circle symbolizes endless and eternal. Something that never ends. The circle has a strong cleansing effect.

Oval - helps us to see our deepest and most difficult sides, for example, fear in a soft way. Oval shapes cause the flow of energy to increase.

Drop - makes energy sculpt able, flexible and soft. A drop cannot change an idea as strongly as an oval. More energy remains in the drop.

Pentagonal (Pentagon) and Hexagonal (Hexagon) - Pentagonal and hexagonal forms of energy are high energy frequencies used by spirit guides working with humanity.

The octahedron promotes and strengthens our mental energy. The pyramid is often found not in duplicate, but in simple form as a roof, on buildings, as an arrow, etc. The octahedron has a pyramid in the visible world and one in the invisible world, for every dense, vibrating form is a reflection of the spiritual world.

The number 8 - Infinity - Perfection

The octahedron has eight faces and is therefore associated with the number 8 and thus also with the infinity sign. The number 8 stands for perfection. 

Every reality has a parallel reality from which information and wisdom penetrate that change us forever. Reality has an infinite nature, which in turn contains infinite possibilities. Silence, tranquility, and strength in one's own center help to dissolve fears and disharmonies, to increase the vibration, or to apply it to the right degree, to create balance and to open oneself to higher dimensions of reality. The octahedron has these qualities in it. He also stands for the eight main wind directions from which comes the power.