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Aurinkokaamos is a lovely stone store 🌝🌞

Colorful, high-quality and energetic stones are waiting here for customers who want to work with stones. Amethyst, Rose Quartz and Rock Crystal are a Trio ☘️ who are the first to offer to help the Seeker.

By getting to know the energies of different stones, we can get to know the different powers of stones.

You can keep the stones with you in the form of jewellery - the way is easy and uncomplicated. You can freely combine different stones with each other. When you take into account where on the body the stone is placed, its effect is amplified.

"A ruby attached to an ear or hair ornament brings wisdom. A diamond strengthens the sixth sense and an amethyst helps with everyday efforts"

"Placing stones on each of the seven chakras is an ancient form of stone therapy." 💎 in this world time we are working with twelve chakras.

We wish you energy 🌪  working with our stones!