Spirituality in everyday life 🍃 Tuesday 🍃 16.1.2024

My former teacher said: "feet on the ground and wings on the back", it brings the necessary balance to work on the earth in this life. When you do this in your physical life, it means that you also know how to be grounded, and everyday life runs fairly smoothly. If you just fly with your feet in the air, without occasionally grounding yourself, it usually results in difficulties. You must accept the conditions that exist here on earth. You were born into this life to develop and grow, to fulfill your life mission and to heal emotional blockages that have arisen over many past lives. 

The saying that "yes the angels will do it for you" is completely out of the blue. You cannot outsource your spiritual path to angels or other helpers. You have to do your work yourself, because only you have walked your own path and done things that now need to be corrected in this life. Angels and other Helpers are there to help and support you all the time. They whisper advice in your ear, if you just have the patience to listen - it's worth it. I wonder many times how often our guardian angels sigh at our actions when we don't become sensitive to listen and instead rush forward without listening to the "voice of the heart" or we don't quieten down to listen to the intuitive message. It is often thought that by throwing yourself into being "spiritual", you can go from day to day with your head in the clouds and forgetting all your responsibilities.

Life changes over time because you change and not everyone understands or keeps up. You may notice that some people disappear from your life, or there will be job changes, and maybe your partner will change, but everything starts from you yourself. The saying "when the old goes away, you always get a better one" is true. Although it is hardly comforting in the midst of a divorce or crisis, you will nevertheless notice that over time, the solution was as it was meant to be, some story of your life came to an end. When you realize that, you will feel a great relief. However, remember that the road is not easy and takes time. But only you control your life and there are all kinds of twists and turns in interpersonal relationships. Usually even the closest ones cause friction in your paths and then you have to go through a deep, even bitter spectrum of emotions in order to open the emotional locks. After all this, you will be stronger than before and your steps will be lighter.

Once you have set out on this path and felt that the path is the right one, there is no turning back. You become curious to experience more things, you get various confirmations of your things, and you feel that they are meaningful, mysterious and exciting. Sometimes things come a lot and often, but it's a wave motion, there are long periods when you wonder if your guides and angels have abandoned you when it's so quiet. But they are there, they will come again if necessary and you will notice it yourself. You have had a calm phase, when you have had time to internalize the previous teachings. 

Walk your own path with your head held high, boldly and confidently, trust the help of the spirit world, love yourself and be happy. 🧡