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Pendant Fairy Stone Unique - Canada


Fairy Stone is opaque and usually has a pattern on its surface. The stone has a strong connection to the earth and the nurturing energy of feminine power. It's a reminder that raising your vibrational energy doesn't mean you lose touch with your everyday life. Stone energy offers a safe and free space to work both practically and mentally.

The edges of the pendant and the loop are made of 925 silver, the inner diameter of the loop is approx. 6mm. The entire pendant (including the loop) is handmade. The size of the pendant with the holder is approx. 8 cm, the width at the thickest point is approx. 3 cm.

182.00 â‚¬

The Canadian fairy stones were created around 10,000 years ago at the bottom of large glacial lakes and consist largely of calcium carbonate (CaCO3), i.e. calcite. The unusual forms, which look as if they were designed by an artist, are "only" the work of Mother Nature.