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Payment options

You have access to Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Pivo, Mobile pay, and all Finnish banks in Internet. Alternatively, you can also pay using Jousto Invoice or Jousto Payments (only in Finland), for more information www.jousto.com, for more information www.mash.com or Collector Invoice and Collector Payments, for more information www.collector.com.    

Shipping coast

Less than 250 g of deliveries will be sent by letter. More than 250 g of deliveries will be sent as a package. We do not deliver more than 5 kg packages. We will try to deliver your order as soon as possible. 

Here are the postage fees during the winter time from Bargemon. There are still no additional costs for the customer.

LETTER                      EU-COUNTRIES                        FRANCE*                              

under 100 g     3,20 € 2,60 €

under 250 g                 6,50 €                                         4,20 €


under 500 g                 12,30 €                                       4,95 €
under 1 kg                   15,20 €                                       7,80 €
under 2 kg                   17,20 €                                       8,80 €
under 5 kg                   22,00 €                                     13,35 €

*France, Monaco ja Andorra

If the package returns to Aurinkokaamos. Aurinkokaamos will have to pay the return postage.
Reimbursement will also be charged for re-dispatch. Failure to withdraw does not entitle you to cancel your order and refund your payment.